New supply awarded

 15 October 2020

Power Supply System for COMPASS-U Tokamak – Round 2

Project joint UE , SWISS, USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN, INDIA, SOUTH KOREA  for obtain nuclear fusion ( tame the sun !)

The Transformers  working with impulse load, hence high current shock are in order to Newton ITALY

No 2 transformers dry type 85 MVA 60-85Hz

Duty cycle ; 7 seconds every 25 minutes

10400 volt / 580-580 volt  Yy0d1

No 2 transformers dry type 53 MVA 60-85Hz

Duty cycle ; 1,5 seconds every 27 minutes

6000 volt / 670-670 volt  Yy0d1



Participation in the “TOP SECRET” program.

With great pleasure we publish the first video of our YouTube channel. This is the participation in Corrado Tedeschi’s “TOP SECRET” program, broadcast on SKY BUSINESS24 by our founding partner Montagnani Guglielmo.  

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New YouTube channel opening

We are pleased to inform that the brand new YouTube channel of Newton Trasformatori is open today, to keep us more and more connected.

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Newton against Covid-19

Newton Trasformatori SpA will actively participate in the fight against Covid 19. Our transformers that will supply energy to the cold rooms for storing doses of the vaccine against Covid 19, installed at the Mario De Bernardi Military Airport in Pratica di Mare, were delivered in a very short time. Newton Trasformatori SpA is proud […]

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The NEWTON TRASFORMATORI S.p.a. congratulates MILANO and CORTINA D’AMPEZZO for obtaining the assignment of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

From November 2018, Newton is supplier, with the production of 5 transformers with power from 1,250 to 1,600 KVA.   They will be installed on the ski slopes, for the next 2021 World Championships in Cortina, in the Slalom category, as a support for snowmaking, and others will upgrade the ski lifts to Monte Tofana […]

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