Core 67 MVA

Starting with the production of the 67MVA transformer, whose core weighs 40 tons. He will go to Arabia to build the famous vertical city. For those who don’t know it, you can find some information at the following link:  

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They talk about us.

Today, in the Corriere della Sera they talk about us. A wonderful achievement for a company that was born out of nowhere and has made its way onto national and international markets with the sole desire to do and improve!

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Reduction in CO2

Newton has begun a process to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions by adopting, among other things, a model of responsible production and consumption of resources, based on the repair, reconditioning and recycling of materials and products. This entails the need to quantify the emissions generated during the entire life cycle of products using the

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Happy Birthday Newton

We are proud to announce to everyone that this year marks the 40th anniversary of our company’s UNINTERRUPTED business. 40 years of transformations, structural expansions and tireless research for improvement, for the product and for the quality of work. Looking back, we remember the commitment and efforts, but with enthusiasm we overcome and achieved evident

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Newton against Covid-19

Newton Trasformatori SpA will actively participate in the fight against Covid 19. Our transformers that will supply energy to the cold rooms for storing doses of the vaccine against Covid 19, installed at the Mario De Bernardi Military Airport in Pratica di Mare, were delivered in a very short time. Newton Trasformatori SpA is proud

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New supply awarded

Power Supply System for COMPASS-U Tokamak – Round 2 Project joint UE , SWISS, USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN, INDIA, SOUTH KOREA  for obtain nuclear fusion ( tame the sun !) The Transformers  working with impulse load, hence high current shock are in order to Newton ITALY No 2 transformers dry type 85 MVA 60-85Hz Duty

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