The Newton Trasformatori SpA, founded in 1982 by the shareholder and founder Ing. Guglielmo Montagnani, who decides to spend right away the resources of the company to design, manufacture and sale of electric transformers, oil-immersed and cast-resin ones, for all applications concerning the distribution of electricity, and trying to meet at best the needs of their clients, in compliance with the applicable national and international regulations.


Thanks to the collaboration of a highly specialized team, to seriousness and attention to the customer, to advanced design methods used and the punctuality in meeting their commitments, which have always represented the core values ​​of the company, Newton Trasformatori SpA transformed from a small company to an industrial reality, rapidly assuming the role as a key player in the national and international market, encountering more and more consensus and trust of its customers.

Thanks to the quality of the products and services offered, Newton Trasformatori SpA has now obtained the most important certifications, reflecting the will and perseverance of all the staff in the pursuit of goals, but mostly the attention devoted to quality and rigorous regulatory compliance, in all the activities that the company carries.

The company covers a surface dedicated to production of about 18,000 square meters, with an availability of extension of a property of approximately 47,000 square meters.


Flexibility and customer focus are the qualities that have always distinguished our company; production now stands at about 4500 transformers per year, divided into various categories and types and distributed in many countries of the world, but the will and determination that animates the management and the whole staff, will project the company towards new technologies and towards new solutions, already in an advanced stage of study.

Many years of experience, combined with the determination and the desire for continuous improvement, allows us to look to the future with a conscious optimism, based on the quality and reliability of products and services, with the focus always on customer needs, current and future ones.

SONEPAR, ABB, ENEL,ENEL ROMANIA, ENDESA, FERROVIE ITALIANE, ENI-SAIPEM, RFI, JEPCO (GIORDANIA), HITECH (RUSSIA), and many others are  now regular customer of Newton Trasformatori SpA; with them there is now a relationship of mutually satisfying cooperation. Thanks to these partnerships, the company is now able to supply transformers comply with the approvals and certifications issued by ENEL, being now for years their accredited supplier.

La Newton Trasformatori SpA is now present in many other countries in the world; with some of them it developed important and significant partnerships; among them Nigeria, Ghana, and Morocco.

The production cycle, almost all internally developed, provides flexibility and speed, and this is the reason why the company is able to meet the demands of all its customers, even the most demanding, meeting tight deadlines, both for the production of series and for  the customised pieces, using computer-aided design and manufacturing processes in the CNC, while maintaining an excellent quality / price ratio.


The transformers that come out of our workshops, meet the following standards:

Oil-immersed transformers

  • CEI EN 60076-1:2015 (EN 60076-1:2011 – IEC 60076-1:2011)
  • CEI EN 50588-1:2018 (EN 50588-1:2017)

Cast-resin transformers

  • CEI EN 60076-11 : 2019 ( EN 60076- 11 : 2018 – IEC 60076-11 : 2018 )
  • CEI EN 50588-1 : 2018 (EN 50588-1 : 2017)


A testing room, equipped with all the necessary tools, allows the execution of the acceptance tests required by IEC or CEI applicable rules.
All transformers are in fact tested before shipment, releasing the related test report and declaration of conformity, in accordance with the procedures of the Quality System we adopted long ago, and in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 (CERTIFICATE N ° 9101.ITNW).

Since April 2004, the CSQ has verified the efficiency and effectiveness of the updates made to the Quality System, adopted for the adjustment to the year 2000 edition of ISO requirements, judging them according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.

In addition to the extensive internal tests, Newton Trasformatori SpA has decided to submit some of the most representative machines in special tests in specialized laboratories, internationally recognized as: CESI (Italy), KEMA (Netherlands) and ELEKTRA (Russia); all certifications obtained have confirmed the quality of the product, and the validity of the design and production methods; on request, it is possible to extend these tests to the entire production.