Reduction in CO2

Newton has begun a process to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions by adopting, among other things, a model of responsible production and consumption of resources, based on the repair, reconditioning and recycling of materials and products. This entails the need to quantify the emissions generated during the entire life cycle of products using the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology in order to certify the current level of CO2 emissions. To this end, Netwon has recently obtained validation from the certification body SGS Italia S.p.A. of the EPD Environmental Product Declaration, relating to the 400 kVA 20/0.420 kV transformer, ECO OL A0-10AK (ENEL serial number 110082) in the context of the Program Operator EPDItaly. The EPD has been registered under the no. 427 and is published by EPDItaly on the website

See our product certifications page for more details

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