Oil-immersed Transformers

Three-phase transformers for distribution, natural cooling in oil, insulation class up to 36 kV

The transformers can be available with oil expansion tank or hermetic version , and they are designed and manufactured according the following standards and equipped by the following accessories:

  • CEI EN 60076-1:2012 (identica a: EN 60076-1:2011; identica a: IEC 60076-1:2011)
  • CEI EN 50464-1:2007 (identica a: EN 50464-1:2007)

Standard Equipment :

  • Lifting lugs
  • Bushing for MV connection
  • Bushing for LV connection
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Pre setup for the silcagel air drying system (only conservator type)
  • Earth terminal in stainless steel
  • Oil draining valve
  • Name plate with data
  • No load tap changer
  • First refill dielectric oil and certificate
  • Pre Setup for Buchholz or R.I.S., DGPT2 or DMRC relay mounting
  • Oil loading valve (only conservator type)
  • Oil level indicator (only conservator type)
  • 90° oriented wheels with mechanical lock system


Oil-immersed Transformers
Cast resin transformers
Special & tailor made transformers

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